Weather bulletin of the 27th December 2012.

Weather analysis for the 27th December 2012 at 00 UTC.

General synopsis by  December 27, 2012 at 00h UTC :
Low 971 hPa 53S77E, moving southeast, expected 989 hPa 58S100E at 28/12 UTC.
New Low expected 994 hPa 45S93E at 28/12 UTC.
Low 970 hPa 55S104E, moving southeast, expected 969 hPa 58S112E at 27/12 UTC, then 972 hPa 59S122E at 28/00 UTC, then 978 hPa 60S129E at 28/12 UTC. Associated disturbance crossing PERTH, then west ADELIE.
Low 984 hPa 57S146E, moving southeast, expected 987 hPa 59S151E at 27/12 UTC, 986 hPa 61S155E at 28/00 UTC, then 989 hPa 62S158E at 28/12 UTC. Associated trough crossing west AUCKLAND. Another trough extending northwards in wich new low deepening and moving east then southeast, expected 997 hPa 50S144E at 27/12 UTC, 998 hPa 49S153E at 28/00 UTC, then 993 hPa 54S157E at 28/12 UTC. Associated cold front crossing northeast ADELIE.
Low 967 hPa 59S170W, moving east, expected 970 hPa 60S159W at 27/12 UTC, then 973 hPa 58S148W at 28/00 UTC, then 973 hPa 58S139W at 28/12 UTC. Associated cold front crossing east ROSS then west ALBATROSS. Associated trough extending eastwardsin wich new low 976 hPa 61S153W, deepening and moving east, expected 972 hPa 61S141W at 27/12 UTC, then moving southeast, expected 964 hPa 65S133W at 28/00 UTC, then 958 hPa 68S134W at 28/12 UTC. Associated disturbance crossing ALBATROSS.
Low 992 hPa 62S123W, expected 993 hPa 63S114W at 27/12 UTC.
Low 1003 hPa 42S124W, moving southeast, expected 994 hPa 45S121W at 27/12 UTC, then 995 hPa 47S118W at 28/00 UTC, then 997 hPa 50S112W at 28/12 UTC.

High 1023 hPa 38S120E moving east and building, expected 1025 hPa 38S129E at 28/12 UTC. Associated ridge extending over east PERTH, moving east over west ADELIE and weakening.
High 1022 hPa 44S160E,  moving southeast, expected 1027 hPa 45S170E at 28/12 UTC. Associated ridge extending over west AUCKLAND, moving east over west ROSS.
High 1028 hPa 36S156W, merging with previous one.
High 1034 hPa 38S93W, with little move, extending ridge over east PAQUES.

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