France's leading off-site construction company, the independent, family-run Cougnaud Group (1,500 employees, annual sales €302m) was founded almost 50 years ago. Originally based in the Vendée region, it now has branches throughout France, located in the heart of the main business areas.

The group has developed a faster, higher quality, smarter and more responsible off-site construction process using a dry process.

Its business is organised around 2 complementary activities: 
- the construction of permanent living and working spaces (head offices, administrative, public, educational and training buildings, etc.)

- the construction of temporary buildings, available for any length of time (offices, living quarters, schools, events, etc.).

The Cougnaud Group offers a full range of services, including finance, maintenance, insurance, customisation and design.

Whether permanent or temporary, professional or residential, the COUGNAUD Group designs eco-responsible, circular solutions to suit your projects.

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