Every four years in Les Sables d'Olonne, the start of this extraordinary adventure takes place. The Pays de la Loire region is a long-standing partner of this great popular festival, which attracts sailing enthusiasts and lovers of great spectacles from the four corners of France as well as from other countries.

The huge success of the Vendée Globe bears witness to this ability to believe in the wildest bets while remaining true to strong values: daring, courage, innovation and team spirit. The adventure is unique. With the Le Mans 24 Hours in particular and major cultural events such as La Folle Journée in the region, Pays de la Loire has resolutely become a land of major events, rich in emotion and performance, and a land of challenges. The Pays de la Loire Region's commitment to the 2024 edition of the Olympics will be both sporting and ecological, through the protection of the oceans.

Pays de la Loire also boasts a diversity of landscapes, a vast natural and cultural heritage, and a major tourist destination. The Pays de la Loire region looks forward to welcoming you to the Vendée Globe Village on 19 October, where together we can write a new chapter in this exceptional human and maritime adventure!

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