Since 2010, Gobi's mission has been to accelerate the switch from disposable to reusable packaging by encouraging organisations to take positive action.

To achieve this, Gobi manufactures water bottles, cutlery, lunch boxes and cups designed for life at work. Eco-designed, 100% made in France and assembled by people with disabilities, these are the most virtuous products on the market. In all, more than 70 direct and indirect jobs have been created - around thirty of them through inclusion.

To anchor the change for the long term, Gobi also provides companies with all the tools they need to ensure that its products are adopted for as long as possible (unique personalisation system, communication kit, sharing of best practice, impact measurement, etc.).

With offices in Paris and Bordeaux, Gobi currently supports nearly 17,000 organisations.

Finally, Gobi donates 1% of its turnover to environmental associations via the 1% for the planet scheme.

In this way, Gobi is demonstrating that it is possible to combine ecological transition, social value creation, local job creation and economic profitability.

Are you an individual? Their products are also available from their online shop:

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