Their story is that of a family, full of fresh ideas.

Founded in 1973 in Saint-Georges de Montaigu, in the Vendée, by Simone and Joseph Bougro, a couple of pork butchers and caterers, Sodebo has always been faithful to its local area.
to their three daughters: Marie-Laurence Gouraud, Bénédicte Mercier and Patricia Brochard. Since then, accompanied by teams of passionate people, they have continued to cultivate the family know-how, to create tasty meal solutions, made with love for the pleasure of all. Making good food is important. Doing it responsibly and sustainably is just as essential. And it's at every moment that they pay attention to the smallest details to become better every day:

  • They are committed to developing a healthier diet: 100% of their products display the Nutriscore, they have been reducing the number of additives since 2018, but also salt and fat since 2006.
  • They are committed to reducing our environmental impact: the cartons of our products are 100% recyclable, and they have saved 63T of plastic per year by reducing the thickness of the container of our PastaBoxes*. Since 2013, they have been making their utensils in-house, and since last year their entire Salade & Compagnie range has included an edible fork.
  • They are committed to becoming ever more socially involved: 40% of their eggs come from cage-free hens* and they are committed to meeting the Better Chicken Commitment criteria by 2026. Since 2018, Sodebo has been one of the founders of the association La Note Globale and their foundation has been supporting around a hundred solidarity projects a year since 2011. Being in tune with the times so as to constantly question, change and evolve... that's the way they've always worked. The attention they have paid to the quality of their products for 50 years has led them to make continuous improvement their daily guiding principle. Their story is that of a family, full of fresh ideas.

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