22 January 2021

In brief

Miranda Merron this morning

We (the boat and I, Clement and Manu) are on the great ships route of old, heading east from Cape Horn before heading north. Manu has been sailing on his own for a while, so we hope he appreciates the company - everything being relative - he is still has quite some margin.

It was starting to get a little windy for the sail configuration I had, so I changed sails, and naturally about 10 minutes later the wind dropped to levels not seen since yesterday. However, there is a suitably menacing line of cloud on its way, so I'll wait a few minutes. 



Pip Hare has climbed her mast to repair her anemometer.....'It is still Game On!'

I am sure anyone who has looked at the tracker in the last 24 hours will know that I am silently screaming. It's not just that I have been stuck in a wind hole; I am consoled by the fact this is not personal and Cali and Alan have suffered the same fate to the East of me. It's not our bad calls, just bad luck with the weather.


Burton's Option Pays

Louis Burton, now up to second, is starting to see his westerly route pay a dividend. He has negotiated the western side of the high pressure zone quickest and into the weekend should see his gains continue, sailing faster and back on a more direct route. He has a narrow band of breeze to work but his position, some 70 miles north of the latitude of Charlie Dalin (Apivia), right now looks like he might overhaul Dalin when they converge near the Azores.

21 January 2021


All Quiet on the Western Front?

The relative silence from among the Vendée Globe leaders speaks volumes. Increasingly background activities are pared back to only what is necessary as the solo skippers devote all their energies to weather strategy, keeping fast and managing their energy reserves for what promises to be a final push, pressing tired bodies minds and boats to their limit in the pursuit of Vendée Globe victory.


Vendée English live #75 : Marcus Hutchinson

Marcus Hutchinson, Thomas Ruyant's team manager is the guest of the Vendée English live today.


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