#VG2024 23 March 2023

Justine Mettraux : « I realise how lucky I am to prepare the Vendée Globe »

While she is currently sailing on the other side of the planet in the Southern Ocean aboard 11th Hour Racing Team on stage 3 of The Ocean Race, her IMOCA is still being prepared at Beyou Racing, the structure that hosts her project. Indeed, Justine Mettraux and her faithful sponsor TeamWork have bought Jérémie Beyou's former Charal in 2022 to compete in the next Vendée Globe. Here is the story of an ambitious skipper with a remarkable background. 

#VG2024 20 March 2023

Vendée Globe 2024 race management team revealed

The Race Direction team for the 2024 Vendée Globe has been announced. It is made up of : Hubert Lemonnier, Jacques Caraës, Claire Renou, Pierre Hays and Yann Eliès. Jacques Caraës, the race director of the two previous editions, is handing over to his right-hand man Hubert Lemonnier. The tenth edition of the Vendée Globe, which will start on 10th November 2024, will focus on the transmission of knowledge. 

#VG2024 19 March 2023

How to take part in the Vendée Globe 2024?

From edition to edition, the success of the Vendée Globe is growing.  In 2020, 33 competitors took the start of this unique round the world race. There have never been so many! In response to the growing enthusiasm of the sailors, the number of participants has been increased to 40 skippers for the 10th edition in 2024. To face the success of the event, the organization has defined conditions in order to participate. If the number of candidates meeting these requirements exceeds the quota, a selection system has been established.

#VG2024 17 March 2023

Paprec Arkea and For People : what they show about the evolution of IMOCAs

Launched less than a month after each other, the monohulls for Yoann Richomme and Thomas Ruyant have been designed by Antoine Koch and the Finot-Conq firm. While the hull, foils and rudders are identical, the two teams have made their own choices in terms of deck layout, ergonomics and living areas, which also differentiate them from other new boats. 

In brief 14 March 2023

Sébastien Marsset is one step closer to the Vendée Globe 2024

After a promising 2022 season - highlighted by an 11th rank in the Route du Rhum - Destination Guadeloupe - Sébastien Marsset has announced a new title partner for the Vendée Globe 2024. This is an important step for his project, which is moving towards the next solo, non-stop, non-assisted round the world race! His IMOCA is now sponsored by the company Foussier, a distributor of technical equipment for construction and industrial companies.

The 38 year old skipper will continue his commitment to young people with mental and psychological disabilities with Handicap Agir Ensemble, an endowment fund of the Adapei de Loire-Atlantique. This is an important aspect for his new partner, which is also committed to this approach thanks to its Mission Handicap, which reserves part of its recruitment for the employment of people from specialised institutions.


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