Un skipper parle a des enfants

Commitment n°6
Raising public awareness of ocean preservation 

The Vendée Globe captivates millions of spectators across the globe, providing an opportunity to raise awareness of ocean conservation.

The ocean: a major playground, under threat 

The future of our planet depends on the ocean, which covers 71% of its surface. It is therefore our responsibility to contribute to its preservation. The Vendée Globe has entered into scientific partnerships aimed at raising collective awareness of the crucial importance of protecting the ocean. These collaborations will enable fans of the Vendée Globe to discover the marine environment and its ecosystems as soon as they arrive in the village, but also throughout the skippers’ journey around the world.  

The aim is for every Vendée Globe fan to be able to follow the race and the skippers’ exploits, while at the same time learning about the ocean, understanding its wonders, the pressures that threaten it today, and much more.

illustration d'une scientifique montrant des images d'êtres vivants marins à des enfant sur un tableau

Vendée Globe Junior

To enable schoolchildren and their families to take part in the Vendée Globe, by actively following the race, the Vendée department is offering events and educational tools dedicated to young people and schoolchildren. Educational resources, a website and a children’s village are just some of the tools available to help you discover this extraordinary human and sporting adventure. For this 10th edition, the programme will be more widely distributed: the entire programme will be translated into English to make it accessible to as many young people as possible. 

And in concrete terms ? 

A page will be dedicated to all the educational content relating to ocean protection on the Vendée Globe website. This page will be updated in the run-up to the race, and then throughout the race, with news, photos and videos relating to the ocean and submitted by the race’s ocean partners. This content will be added to the race news pages. 

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