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Guo Chuan (51), who had hoped at one point to take part in the 2016 Vendée Globe, set off for other horizons buying Francis Joyon’s former multihull. It was aboard this boat that the Chinese sailor set off from San Francisco on 19th October to attempt to beat the Pacific crossing record to Yokohama. His shore team has been without news since Tuesday and Guo Chuan is missing off Hawaii. The search and rescue operation is continuing.

The first Chinese sailor to sail solo non-stop around the world on a monohull (in 137 days and 20 hours), Guo Chuan dreamt of becoming the first Asian to take part in the Vendée Globe. He even visited Les Sables d’Olonne to attend meetings with other skippers hoping to compete in the Everest of the seas.

In the end, he acquired Francis Joyon’s former IDEC trimaran and renamed her Qingdao China. Last year with an international crew, Guo Chuan set a new non-stop sailing record for crossing the North East Passage in the Arctic Ocean.

On 19th October, he set off from San Francisco on another adventure, this time sailing solo. He was attempting to smash the Pacific crossing record to Yokohama (Japan). The sailor’s team has been without news since Tuesday. The latest news on Guo Chuan’s website is not very reassuring: “Guo's shore team received updates from MRCC. Crew of USS Mankin Island has visited the boat but did not find Guo. They collected all Guo's belongings aboard for his family. They lowered the mainsail around 11.50am. Search and rescue is continuing on the sea.”

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