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In partnership with Ifremer

With Ifremer, scientists get into the race!

Scientists and sailors are keen to learn more about and preserve the ocean, which is under threat from climate change and plastic pollution. This commitment is underlined this year by the partnership between Ifremer and the Vendée Globe, aimed at raising awareness of the major challenges facing oceanography among sailing enthusiasts.

Le Pourquoi pas, navire de recherche de l'Ifremer
© Loic Treluyer

Can we still eat fish? What resources are hidden in the depths of our oceans? Will climate change or plastic pollution wipe out marine biodiversity? Ifremer scientists will be answering all these questions throughout the next Vendée Globe via articles, podcasts and videos. 
These popularisation initiatives are part of the ongoing scientific monitoring initiated 20 years ago with the champions of offshore racing, in particular the skippers of the Vendée Globe, who are contributing to the collection of data at sea, under the coordination of UNESCO via OceanOPS.  
Protecting the oceans is everyone's concern: scientists, skippers, race organisers... That's why we're working hand in hand to share all the secrets of the ocean with you, so that we can understand it better and protect it more effectively! 

Focus on Ifremer 

From the depths to the surface, from the coast to the open sea, Ifremer is the French research institute entirely dedicated to the ocean. Located on every coastline in France and overseas, Ifremer is committed to sustainable development and open science. It conducts research, innovates and produces expert reports to protect and restore the ocean, exploit its resources responsibly and share marine knowledge and data to create new opportunities for economic growth that respects the marine environment.