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Icebergs detected from Brest

Vigisat station CLS credit
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CLS installed a radar system in the Kerguelen Islands in 2004 to combat illegal fishing. This system was operated by CLS on behalf of the CROSS Réunion (Regional Operational Surveillance and Rescue Center) to eradicate illegal fishing in this region of the Indian Ocean. Today, scientists and French fishermen, confirm that the stock regenerates.

Unique in France, VIGISAT is a CLS station for acquisition of radar satellite images. It has processed almost 100,000 images for environmental surveillance and maritime safety missions since its creation. Based in Brest, VIGISAT can rely on the academic and scientific excellence of Télécom Bretagne, a renowned engineering school in the field of information science and technology and a long-time partner of CLS. Each year, Telecom Bretagne trains engineers, that are experts in radar images and thanks to the innovation of its researchers, they try to challenge the limits of satellites radar images.

J25 : La Marine Nationale rencontre les skippers du Vendée Globe

???? ???? Ce matin, Armel Le Cléac'h nous montrait sa rencontre hors du commun avec la Marine Nationale. Au tour de cette dernière de nous faire part de ces images exceptionnelles prises en pleine course autour du monde ! Les deux leaders Voile Banque Populaire & Alex Thomson Racing au large des îles Kerguelen ! ???? ???? The French Navy offered us some incredible pictures of the two leaders of the non-stop solo round the world race, Armel Le Cléac'h on Banque Populaire VIII and Alex Thomson on HUGO BOSS off the Kerguelen Islands!

Posted by Vendée Globe on Wednesday, November 30, 2016


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