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Jean Le Cam
© Vincent Curutchet / DPPI

In the Vendée region, the Vendée Globe is an institution and belongs to the heritage of this part of France.

My son Robin is in his first year of primary school and with his class they follow the event closely. Everyday the teacher takes a break from the official teaching programme for the “Vendée Globe minute”: news update, ranking, explanation of the damage to the boats, etc… For a little over a month now, our lives have revolved around the race!

I was never a big fan of sailing but to be able to answer all of my son’s questions, I have to follow the race! Every night, when the family is together, we talk about the race. The Vendée Globe poster takes centre stage in our living room and we move the boats on the map every day. It’s a lovely family time!

Robin’s eyes sparkle when he talks about the race. He admires the skippers. When he looks at the toy catalogs now, he’s mostly interested in boats!

When the race will be over, it will leave a big emptiness in the household. We’ll try to be at some of the arrivals so he can experience this beautiful adventure until the end!

Nicolas, Sodebo’s accounting department  

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