The battle is raging further back too

Photo sent from the boat Queguiner - Leucemie Espoir, on January 17th, 2017 - Photo Yann Elies

Photo envoyée depuis le bateau Queguiner - Leucemie Espoir le 17 Janvier 2017 - Photo Yann Elies

Grain / arc en ciel

Yann Eliès (Queguiner-Leucémie Espoir): “Everyone was talking about the battle between the two frontrunners, but we’re in a tough battle too. We can see that Armel is going to win. Well done! He was in control in this race from start to finish, an incredible winner of an exceptional Vendée Globe. I’m fifteen milers ahead of Jean Le Cam. It’s been like a yoyo for us, but we’ve also been catching Jean-Pierre (Dick), who is just forty miles in front up there. He is behind in the rankings, but we’re all heading for the same spot, so really he’s still ahead. We might be able to cut across more than him. Jean-Pierre had to go west to get around this zone, but it was easier for us. I didn’t think it would happen, but we may be able to overtake him. We’ll see in 48 hours from now.”

Jean Le Cam, Finistère Mer Vent: “We’re in light conditions, which was what was forecast. Sometimes there is some wind and sometimes there isn’t. Yann (Eliès) got a bit ahead last night, which is annoying me. However, if you get too far in front, you get slowed down, so we’ll all be back together at some point. Jean-Pierre Dick has been through the worst you can imagine. He can’t sail towards the east as there is no wind, so he is forced to move way from the direct route. Meanwhile he has two idiots right behind him… There’s nothing worse. A couple days ago, he was 300 miles ahead. That’s tough!”

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