Setting A Course for 2020

With one eye looking forwards to the 2020 edition, the new teaser video for the Vendée Globe encapsulates the magic of 30 years of the historic solo non stop race around the world. The teaser is targeted at new partners who might want to come on board for the next edition of the race, to become involved. The short video really captures the emotions, it shows the moods and the drama of start day, the doubts, the fears, the anticipation and the the departure out the famous channel where hundreds of thousands of well wishers turn out. 
The Vendée Globe is also now a huge, significant media event, an ocean race which mobilizes and engages hundreds of thousands of people day after day, through social media, the event and specialist websites as well as huge coverage on traditional print, news and sports media. In just three short minutes it says it all, delivering a short, sharp reminder of what the Vendée Globe means.


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