MACSF will be Isabelle Joschke's title partner for the Vendée Globe

© Emmanuelle Delteil/Emma Production

Originally Isabelle Joschke was looking for a  sponsor that would join  Monin to support her though to the Vendée Globe 2020. But actually she has landed a title partner. And so she can look forwards to a much clearer pathway to the solo round the world race. She has a boat, the Verdier - VPLP designed former Safran which was sailed by Marc Guillemot in 2008 and 2012 and then by Yann Eliès in 2016. Now, with a reasonable budget in hand she will begin the optimization work of her IMOCA looking to the seasons ahead. 


The Monin group set Joschke on her way and remain a partner. MACSF were in the last Vendée Globe as sponsors of Bertrand de Broc. Joschke said: "It's clear that this partnership is a game chnager for us. With Alain (Gautier, project manager) we will be able to begin a real boat optimization project to have the most efficient machine possible at the start of the Vendée Globe. This is news that comes at the best possible time after the frustration of the Route du Rhum. We will take our time this winter, strengthen the team to be ready to go in the spring. I could not dream of a better present for the holidays. "

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