Ulysse Nardin, ode to an adventure

Ulysse Nardin

Ultimate because the powerful desire to push back the limits expresses itself from the opening minute. Time will then stretch out for these solo racers in the hours spent dealing the violence of the elements. This series highlights the full meaning of this challenge, where sailors find themselves totally alone and yet support each other with the crowds paying tribute to these heroes.


Episode 1 – A tearful farewell
The odyssey begins in those moments where the individuals reveal all of their fragility, as they sail away into the unknown. Emotionally charged moments with laughter and tears.
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Episode 2 – Alone in the world
Sailors, navigators, DIY experts and captain at the same time. Everything is down to them now they are alone against the elements, and this is when the skippers discover themselves.
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Episode 3 – Mountainous seas
The pandemonium continues unabated as the sea crashes over the deck. Perpetual motion tests the bravery of each and everyone. Once you are challenged, you come alive.
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Episode 4 – Never giving up
When there is a mechanical failure, it is time to be ingenuous and stubborn. You have to set off again whatever it takes.
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Episode 5 – Brothers in arms
When the sailor is unable to come up with a solution, the instinct of the seafarer takes over. Rescue, right the boat, offer support. Everyone is in the same boat in the end and they can count on each other.
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Episode 6 – The heroes return
Back to land, here are the people who stayed ashore. Here is the sailor. He will never be the same again. He is welcomed home as a hero.
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