21 November 2020 - 12:53 • 3850 views


"I'm having breakfast, müesli with chocolate and I have one egg left! The conditions have been the same for the past three days, so not a very stable wind of around 13-15 knots on the beam. It's between upwind and head on. It's a bit long. We are waiting for it to back and to be able to put up another say, but it is slow coming!
The South American coast is really huge, I've never been further South than Salvador de Bahia. For the moment, it looks like it is about getting south before we can head east towards the Cape of Good Hope. We're descending towards the South as far as we can. There will also be an an area of uncertainty before going around the high pressure zone. To go around St. Helena we will have to descend very low, almost at 38° South. We will be on the same gybe for quite some time. The boat is oerfect, nothing to report! I've got a few little things I've adjusted as we go along, I go around the boat regularly, it also gives me a chance to go and have little shower up on the bow.
I'm really in the race, making the most of being well placed and following through on the adjustments. I wasn't necessarily expecting this, in fact I wasn't expecting anything, I just was on the start, have tried to focus and give it my and so much the better that it has paid off! Now  however I have been caught up by almost all the foilers, it was to be expected. But I'm happy with my position today. There's just Damien (Seguin) with a strong grip on me! There's going to be a match, it's going to be fun".