25 October 2021 - 17:32 • 455 views



This first edition of the Vendée Globe Atlantic eSeries is living up to all its promises: boats everywhere, total uncertainty about the weather conditions to come... the race is exciting!

As in our previous summaries, the Eastern group has the upper hand in the rankings. And at the moment, it is L'Optimist and Ghostbuster-TPN who seem to be leading the pack. It's hard to know who is right as our two skippers are on two somewhat different trajectories, but they have clearly taken the lead in what has long been the favourite group for the final victory.

We mentioned the skippers who had left this group a few days ago, opting for a route closer to Cape Verde. They have made good progress in the Atlantic and will now be well positioned in the heart of the ocean. Boats such as Spektakel, Luke31 or even better, <.///>>~<[fish] will find themselves very close to the skippers on the western route who have done best during their lively passage of the ridge of high pressure at the beginning of the week.

About the latter: a hell of a mess was waiting for the west a few days ago and after a nice emotional lift between the three components of the group, it is finally the most westerly that won the battle. The central route followers and, even more brutally, those to the east suffered greatly from conditions that had deteriorated significantly by the time of Tuesday's morning updates. As a result, Boardstock is currently in charge, followed, again and again, by Luxairfrance and Your Mom SA.

What about the next few days? It's simple: absolutely no skipper has been ruled out of the race for victory, as the weather is evolving to allow us to experience a breathtaking end to the race. Whether it be in the east, the centre or the west, those who lost time at the beginning of the week, everyone has a card to play.


As expected, it was far too early to rule out any of the groups from winning, or to see themselves eliminated from the start!


Join the race here: https://vro-link.virtualregatta.com/app-fr