Fabrice Amedeo


Fabrice Amedeo

41 years old

Levallois-Perret et La Trinité-sur-Mer

« Reporters at sea » could have well been Fabrice Amedeo’s website address during his first experience of the Vendée Globe in 2016-2017. At the time, he was navigating between two worlds  – half journalist, half sailor. Passionate about sea, he passed all stages of offshore racing - from the Figaro course to Class40 with Armel Tripon and finally the IMOCAs – when

his official scheduled allowed it. At his return from the ultimate off-shore sailing race, he was definitively hooked on and eager for more. He gave up his status of employee at the Figaro newspaper to become skipper full-time.


Communicating his passion about off-shore racing, Fabrice Amedeo knows how to describe its levers in the books he has dedicated to it. He is talented in writing and speaking, which has helped him to convince his partners for the Vendée Globe 2020, Newsrest (already present in 2016) and Art & Fenêtres, “AF as in Amedeo Fabrice,” he likes to say. This participation will be of another level for him as the skipper now has the means to conquest all seas, even the most roaring ones. “I will have real but measured ambitions,” says the graduate in Philosophy and Political Science.


Fabrice Amedeo continues learning and particularly on the Route du Rhum – Destination Guadeloupe 2018 which he finished at a slow pace after experiencing damage. “But this foiler is wicked,” he confessed, certain to have found the right boat for his ambitions. Finishing this race – his third – was above all to qualify for a position at the start of the ninth Vendée Globe. It’s done. Now the sailor from Segré, in Maine-et-Loire, must take control of his boat entirely to enjoy its full potential of speed.


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