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The duellists, Didac Costa and Romain Attanasio, crossed the Equator last night back into the northern hemisphere within one hour and two minutes of each other. OnePlanet OneOcean crossed at 0307hrs UTC this Tuesday morning and at 0409hrs it was the turn of his French rival on La Famille Mary -Etamine du Lys. That leaves just two boats left in the southern hemisphere, No Way Back which has two and a half days sailing to make it to the Equator and TechnoFirst-FaceOcean 2100 miles.

Nandor Fa is now expected on the finish line on Wednesday morning. He can get into the channel at any time after 1130hrs. The skipper of Spirit of Hungary had 400 miles to go at 0600hrs TU ths morning and continues to have 25kts winds from the W, veering to the NW today. Seas are still big and unruly at 4-5m. Aboard CommeUnSeulHomme, Eric Bellion is passing close to the Azores today in strong S'ly winds, just touching the southern side of the low pressure. Winds will increase as he points towards the latitude of La Coruna, reaching up to 35kts. Conrad Colman (Foresight Natural Energy) has 20-25ks S'ly winds and is making a solid 12.3kts this mornng. Colman is now 290 miles behind Bellion.

The trade winds have lifted and reduced in strength for La Mie Caline and Newrest-Matmut. Arnaud Boissières and Fabrice Amedeo have 15kts of E'ly and La Mie Câline is still about one knot quicker than the boat behind. Alan Roura (La Fabrique) still has pretty boisterous trades, 20kts and swell, he is still pushing the former Superbigou built by Bernard Stamm upwind at 14kts.

Pieter Heerema (No Way Back) is making 14kts close reaching in 15kts of wind and is making a good N'Ly course. Sébastien Destremau had some problems with his mainsail track on TechnoFirst FaceOcean but is making 9kts of boat speed in 20kts of W'ly wind in a low pressure off Montevideo.