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Since it all came to a sudden end for PRB and Vincent Riou in the last Vendée Globe, everyone has had time to think about their future and their own adventures. For the PRB company, this means further commitment to the Vendée Globe, while Vincent Riou will continue his career on three hulls aboard the current Sodebo maxi-trimaran, aboard which Thomas Coville recently set a new solo round the world record.


PRB continuing its saga with the Vendée Globe

Jean-Jacques Laurent has stuck to the position he adopted before the start of the last Vendée Globe confirming his desire to see PRB line up again at the start of the IMOCA round the world race in 2020. “A lot of people have been wondering about what lies ahead. They are quite right to raise these questions, as we are a key figure in the Vendée Globe. We have been committed to the race for almost 25 years. The firm’s history is closely linked to the Vendée Globe and there is no reason why that should end. That is what my employees wish for and that is what is what motivates me to continue with this commitment,” explained Jean-Jacques Laurent, President of PRB.

No new PRB monohull

However, there is no desire to build a new boat. The VPLP/Verdier design launched in March 2010 will be competing in the Vendée Globe for the third time in the colours of PRB. “We are aware of the potential of this boat. We will have to make some modifications to her for her to be more competitive, but nothing has been decided so far. We will take our time and think that through with Vincent, who knows the boat perfectly and knows about the latest technologies. He is and will remain our advisor in these matters,” added Jean-Jacques Laurent.

Vincent Riou sailing on the current Sodebo

Vincent Riou, who has already taken part in four Vendée Globes winning the race in 2005, has launched a new campaign in the Ultim circuit. Far from distancing himself from the Vendée Globe, he grabbed the opportunity offered by Thomas Coville to get his hands on the Sodebo multihull. “There are two things that motivate me in terms of racing. There is the Vendée Globe and going back there would be a huge challenge and it would be pleasing, if we managed to succeed in the end. And there is the Ultim circuit. Just after the finish of the round the world voyage, Thomas offered me the chance of taking over the boat. That is something I had been thinking about. The Ultim circuit really interests me, as I love multihulls having raced them before, in particular in the ORMA circuit and then there is the solo round the world race programmed for 2019. It’s a huge challenge, and something completely different. It’s highly motivating in terms of racing and I really want to be one of the pioneers. I have therefore takn the decision to go down that road and am spending all my time and energy trying to get a firm or firms to join me in this new area of communication,” explained Vincent.