Alan Roura is publishing his log: the adventure at the end of the dream

Le Livre de Alan Roura

An incredibly uplifting tale takes us into the heart of the Swiss sailor‘s Vendée Globe with extracts from his e-mails and the reactions of his family and friends. He also reveals his doubts and fears alongside the moments of sheer joy and the sense of achievement he felt rounding the capes.

With the smallest budget in the fleet at the helm of a boat that was almost as old as him, Alan became the youngest sailor to complete the Vendée Globe. Having spent his life out on the water, the sailor based in Geneva saw his childhood dream come true. In 2020, he will be back at the helm of a much newer boat. Alan Roura: “Writing was my only way of sharing my adventure, and is now a means of getting it all out of my mind.”

“L'aventure au bout du rêve” – The youngest sailor in the Vendée Globe tells his story (in French)
- Published in Switzerland on 25th August and in France on 5th October. Available from
- Published by Favre

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