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In the images sent this morning by PRB and the French Navy Kevin Escoffier smiles broadly. The sailor who had to be resuced by Jean Le Cam when his boat broke in two Monday Nov 30th disembarked this morning on the island of Reunion where he thanked the whole crew of the Nivôse, whom he has spent the last four days at sea with in the Indian Ocean. Note that the French Navy picked him up last Sunday after he had spent several days on board Yes We Cam! with Jean Le Cam.

"It was a truly great experience" 

"I'm still a bit melancholic today on dry land," says Kevin Escoffier. "It's a complicated transition phase. I'm still disappointed to have had to abandon on the Vendée Globe, to have lost a boat". The skipper also assures us that "I have made the most of this sea adventure. "I made the most with Jean Le Cam, it was a very truly great experience. I enjoyed it with the sailors of the Nivôse, that too was a wonderful thing".

He says he is very grateful to his "rescuers". "I thank the French Navy, Jean Le Cam, the race organisation. I also thank my technical team, the PRB team .... Without them all, it would have been a bit harder. I should not be felt sorry for, not at all". And he adds: "I have the impression that it has been much more complicated for my family than for me, so I can't wait to see them again. Don't forget .... We get to live our passion and we impose it on those who love us. There are certain events that we would like to avoid!"