10 February 2021 - 12:39 • 5308 views



Arnaud Boissieres reported to the Race HQ today, "The night was pretty tough I had gusts of 45 knots I had some good surfs dodging the cargo ships  because the wind was shifted to take us in by the Ushant - Cape Finisterre TSS but now the weather has dropped. And now it is a little upwind-ish. The weather is good and great for sailing, there is sun, very few clouds and my course is towards Arcachon!

As you pass the Azores, the map of Europe begins to become clearer and more real. But Cape Finisterre is formidable. I didn't plan my finish exactly or really look at all so far, I was more focused on getting past the front. But this morning, I'm starting to tell myself that I'm getting towards the end of this round the world race and that is wonderful!

I'm upwind, I went from two reefs / J3 to full mainsail and J2. It will ease some more and I will make a long leg that will bring me close to the coast. I will tack this evening, then I will head north to go towards the Vendée coast. The weather should be quite manageable at the end. It’s going to be hard to get to the Channel and finish. I think it’s going to be 2:00 pm because of the tide. I will wait on board with croissants from La Mie Caline and a coffee!

All the Vendée Globe competitors who have the privilege of finishing write their own piece of history. I think especially of the story of this project of the boat that we recovered in a bad state. And here we are racing it around the world!

Four years ago I thought of the "after the race" as soon as I was sailing up the Atlantic. Here now again I am thinking about it again. I would like to continue, with a slightly more modern boat. I would like to do a new campaign, I want to go again. I am thinking of a few different boats, of course. We will see with my sponsors after the finish.  "


Arnaud Boissières / La Mie Câline - Artisans Artipôle