16 December 2020


Time Compensations To Skippers Involved In the Rescue of Kevin Escoffier

The International Jury of the 2020 Vendée Globe have published their decisions for time compensations awarded to three of the four skippers who were involved in the rescue operation for Kevin Escoffier during the period late afternoon and overnight Monday, November 30 when the skipper had to abandon his boat some 850 miles SW of Cape Town. 

10 December 2020


Kevin Escoffier lands in Reunion Island

In the images sent this morning by PRB and the French Navy Kevin Escoffier smiles broadly. The sailor who had to be resuced by Jean Le Cam when his boat broke in two Monday Nov 30th disembarked this morning on the island of Reunion where he thanked the whole crew of the Nivôse, whom he has spent the last four days at sea with in the Indian Ocean. Note that the French Navy picked him up last Sunday after he had spent several days on board Yes We Cam! with Jean Le Cam.

01 December 2020


Relieved Escoffier Speaks About His Rescue By Jean Le Cam

After being rescued from his liferaft by fellow Vendée Globe competitor Jean Le Cam in big seas and strong winds the early hours of this morning some 840 nautical miles South West of Cape Town, South Africa, Kevin Escoffier has been recovering on board Le Cam’s appropriately named IMOCA 60 Yes We Cam!


Vendée English Live #24 : Kevin Escoffier

Hours after being rescued from his liferaft by Jean Le Cam, Kevin Escoffier spoke of his emergency to the Vendee Globe Live show today. The replay bellow. 


PRB's rescue: videos that tell the story


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