20 February 2021


Manu Cousin ' I am so proud to be part of this family'

It was an overjoyed, expansive Manuel Cousin who crossed the finish line today in 23rd place before enjoying a rousing welcome back to his adopted home town of Les Sables d'Olonne. This is the best of of Manu at his press conference...
How do you feel Manu?
I feel so happy to have crossed that finish line, to have come up this famous channel. Honestly, I hardly dared think about it before now because there were times I was good and then hard times would come and I wondered if I would make it.


Manuel Cousin (Groupe SÉTIN) is 23rd in the Vendée Globe

‘You have to live your dreams not dream your life away’
That was the maxim that drove Manuel Cousin to leave his life as an executive selling forklift trucks to major accounts with Toyota, to move from his native Normandy to Les Sables d’Olonne and pursue new goals ocean racing.
Cousin, 53, reached the pinnacle of that new life today when he completed the 24,365 nautical miles Vendée Globe, crossing the finish line off Les Sables d’Olonne at 07:35:40 hrs UTC this morning in 23rd position. After struggling at times with a cracked rudder and more recently keel ram damage, Cousin’s elapsed time on Groupe SETIN is 103d 18hrs 15m. He sailed an actual course of 29,116 nautical miles at an average of 11.69kts. 

19 February 2021

On board

'A few years ago I never thought I could be at the start and finish of this race' Manu Cousin

Man Cousin who is due to finish tomorrow morning, spoke on the radio call recently"It's going better this morning. It's not very relaxing because there are still two fairly big depressions to get through so I have to remain cautious and vigilant because the weather is unsettled, there are a lot of squalls. I am being careful, but I feel better than 2-3 days ago when I was still quite stressed about a lot of things. Now I try to take advantage of these final days of racing. I am trying to relive in my head what I have managed to do, like running it back as a film.

17 February 2021


Manu Cousin this morning, 'I am keeping my fingers crossed'

Manuel Cousin (Group SÉTIN) was on this morning radio session this morning. He told us about life on board, his repairs and his thoughts about finishing.

"I'm going to have a lot of things to do. I have one key gybe to do and to watch out for the TSS. It blew hard last night, but the wind was quite stable. I tried to rest on my boat, on my pilot and it was a good night. This morning there are still 30-35 knots and it should build again during the day. Everything has to hold out for another 24 hours, after that it will be a bit easier. I should arrive on Saturday morning at the latest, otherwise everything is fine on board, I have my fingers crossed!

09 February 2021


Manu Cousin back in the game

Message from Manuel Cousin on Groupe SÉTIN....


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