Jérémie BEYOU


Jérémie BEYOU

44 years old

Larmor-Plage (56)

Jérémie Beyou has never been afraid of being a forerunner. Without waiting to see what the competition would do, he chose to quickly start the construction of his new IMOCA, Charal. Launched in 2018, his monohull was able to benefit from an additional year of preparation. A year during which Jérémie Beyou’s team worked at erasing the teething problems of the boat, making the systems more reliable and, most of all, sailing, again and again. A year after its launch, Charal showed its potential during the last Rolex Fastnet Race in which the foiler clearly dominated its competitors. In the meantime, he had to learn how to balance perfectly this radically new boat, get used to sailing under foils and get familiar with high speeds. Nonetheless, this victory won’t satisfy the skipper. From his passed experiences, the sailor from the bay of Morlaix remembers that nothing should be taken for granted and only work can give you an edge. Meticulous, sometimes obstinate, Jérémie has built himself through his victories but also his failures. He has progressively learned to ignore his anxiety by trying to do things well. He has set himself an exceptional level of standards – an essential condition for anyone who aims for the victory around the world.



IMOCA monohull

  • Sail number : 08
  • Designer: VPLP
  • Chantier : CDK Technologies
  • Launch Date: 18 August 2018
  • Length: 18,28m
  • Beam: 5,85m
  • Draught: 4,50m
  • Displacement (weight): 8t
  • Number of drifts: foils
  • Mast height: 29m
  • Keel blade: acier
  • Upwind sail area: 320m2
  • Downwind sail area: 600m2

First IMOCA of the new generation built, Charal contrasts radically with his predecessors. Relatively narrow, the monohull was designed to spend as much time as possible “flying”. During his first trips at sea, the VPLP plan showed an impressive potential, proving a new threshold had been crossed in the design of these boats. However, it took almost a year for Jérémie and his team to fully get to grips with this new machine which behaves differently than usual boats. The Fastnet revealed the possibilities of these new generation monohulls. The Transat Jacques Vabre will be a first large scale test to measure the efficiency of the concept over time.



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