27 January 2021


Charlie Dalin, first quotes on finishing

On his arrival into the Channel Charlie Dalin, first to finish the Vendee Globe said. “I am happy to have finished the race in the lead! And this is still a pretty incredible welcome......from nothing to this! I knew there would be some people, but I am surprised by this welcome.”

“ It is a magical race. It has changed me, I am not sure how yet, but it has. There are so many emotions, of such strength, things I have not felt before. It is so strong, I do not know how it will affect me, but for sure it will.”


Charlie Dalin (APIVIA) First To Finish The Ninth Vendée Globe

After an immaculately executed race, at 19h 35m 47s UTC this evening, after 80 days 6hrs 15mins 47secs since the start on Sunday 8th November, French skipper Charlie Dalin emerged from a damp, misty Bay of Biscay to break the finish line of the Vendée Globe, the solo, non-stop race round the world race, in first position and in doing so realised the ocean racing dreams of his youth.

25 January 2021


A Degree Of Uncertainty

First three boats in four hours on Wednesday afternoon? North or South, high risk or low risk?
Leader Dalin fastest

After 24,300 nautical miles and more than 80 days of racing around the world victory or a place on the podium on this ninth edition of the Vendée Globe might go down to the final layline, picking and sailing the perfect compass course from more than 100 miles out to the finish line at Les Sables d’Olonne’s famous Nouche Sud buoy.

20 January 2021


Charlie Dalin 'I need to be in good shape for this last bit'

The leader is not overly worried. He expects to reconnect with Louis Burton – who is to leeward and working NW – as they reach the south of the Azores. But the final stage seems more complex in a SW’ly wind which needs to be utilised at the best angles.

05 January 2021


Charlie Dalin 'I feel like I am back from another world'

Joined at 0400hrs UTC this morning, the skipper of Apivia looks back on his experience in the big South and explains the complex weather situation in the South Atlantic.



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