04 December 2020


Alex Thomson Has Arrived in Cape Town and Officialised His Abandon

Alex Thomson arrived in Cape Town, South Africa this morning and officially notified Race Direction of his abandon from the Vendee Globe. He took nearly one week for him to sail HUGO BOSS the 1800 miles to the South African haven. Thomson suffered irrepairable rudder damage which left him with no alternative but to retire. 

28 November 2020

In brief

Message from Fabrice Amedeo For Alex Thomson The BOSS will be back

For the past two weeks, I have been going through a lot of emotions every day and I find this remote position, far behind everyone else, incredibly difficult. But since this Saturday at midday, I no longer complain. I no longer have the right. Because the Vendée Globe has lost one of its favorites, Alex Thomson, who is heading for Cape Town. But our race lost more than that. Alex has revolutionized our sport: his boats are always the most beautiful and are one step ahead of those of his competitors. Alex modernized communication in sailing by exploding all the barriers: Keel Walk, Mast Walk, Sky Walk. He is unique in our sport. 

The Vendée Globe needs Alex Thomson’s victory. I hope it will be 2024. And on top of all that, Alex is nice and he is modest. The race  loses not just a favorite but also today, a great man. 

I wish the best to him and his whole team.


Alex Thomson Heads to Cape Town After Rudder Damage, His Vendée Globe Is Over

The hopes of British skipper Alex Thomson of winning the Vendée Globe were dashed by damage to the starboard rudder of his IMOCA HUGO BOSS on Friday evening. This insurmountable problem occurred almost exactly one week after Thomson discovered extensive cracking to the longitudinal framing towards the bow of his boat which he had repaired.

23 November 2020


Descending the Stairway to..... Heaven or Hell?

Seven miles apart after two weeks of racing, leader Thomas Ruyant (LinkedOut) and second placed Charlie Dalin (Apivia) gybe in step with each other as they descend a corridor of modest breeze between the two evolving zones of lighter airs, an 800 nautical mile stairway down to the strong winds of the Southern Ocean.

22 November 2020


Update Direct From Alex Thomson on HUGO BOSS this evening

Alex Thomson spoke to his team early this Sunday evening to give an update on his thoughts and progress as he seeks to repair a damaged longitidunal frame near the bow of HUGO BOSS.


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