03 May 2022

Vendée Arctique - Les Sables d'Olonne

The grand parade 2020 Vendée Globe skippers

To launch the summer season, the festivities will begin on Friday 3rd June 2022 with the Grand Parade of the 2020 Vendée Globe Skippers, to celebrate these men and women of the sea.

This parade will take place on the Remblai in Les Sables d'Olonne. It will begin from Place de Strasbourg from 9.30pm to Casino des Atlantes and will be punctuated by a firework display visible from the Grande Plage.   

A privileged moment of sharing between the public and the skippers who have made them dream of the open sea during this time of pandemic and confinement.  

18 February 2022

The dream builders series

Episode 3: how a partner says yes

Travelling the road to take you from your first thoughts to the Vendée Globe start line seems like a never-ending job. We invite you today to discover the people who build the project, the skilled, expert men and women who contribute to a Vendée Globe project, bringing it to life, shaping it and transforming what the skippers dream of into reality.

30 September 2021


The Vendée Globe is already back on Virtual Regatta!

- The Vendée Globe eSeries: 4 stages of preparation for the e-Vendée Globe 2024
- First round: the Vendée Globe Atlantic eSeries will start on 10th October 2021 and registration opens at 18:00 today

28 January 2021


Yannick Bestaven, the best of 'Besta'

The best of what was an illuminating and engaging press conference with new Vendee Globe champion Yannick Bestaven who at 48 is the oldest winner in the history of the race. 


First Words from Bestaven, the New Vendee Globe Champion.....'There Are Two Winners On This Vendee Globe'

To Charlie Dalin on the pontoon 'There are two winners on this Vendee Globe' 

In his first interview he said
" I feel like I'm living a dream, hallucinating. You go from total solitude to this, to this party, to these lights, these people who are there despite the complicated context, I don't realise what's going on. I'm still in my race. It's a child's dream. 
The north of the Bay of Biscay was the best option for my boat and the sails I had left. I had to go and find the two low-pressure fronts.
It wasn't good to be the first in this Vendée Globe. But I managed to pull myself together and regain some ground with Charlie (Dalin) enough to make up the time, it was an amazing regatta.
I always believed I could do it, but in what position? I thought I would win at Cape Horn, but then I thought that if I finished 25th, well then that would be good enough. We prepared a lot for this Vendée Globe, I knew I had a reliable boat and I was able to pull it off.
The weather conditions meant that it never started from the front, it always bunched up, it was often tight. It has been historic.
You have to look deep down inside yourself. These boats are stressful, noisy, and life on board is difficult. There are also times you feel lonely…
This result is beyond my expectations. I imagined living many things, and I have lived many others. After having fought as I have fought, bringing a victory to Maître CoQ IV is a dream!


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