Alexia Barrier


Alexia Barrier

40 years old


Alexia Barrier could be the absolute reference in terms of tenacity. When she engaged in her Vendée Globe 2020 project, she first counts on her immense determination to take the start. But this young woman has several assets to put forth : first of all, she gathered a group of companies, institutions and patrons around her project in order to acquire in February 2018 Le Pingouin - the IMOCA sailed by Catherine Chabaud on the 2000 Vendée Globe. Since then, Alexia hasn’t missed an opportunity to reach her objectives. In terms of racing, she has taken the start of all the races in the IMOCA Globe Series, without exception. This has enabled her to be, to this day, the navigator with the highest number of miles in the race to selections. In terms of financing and promotion of her adventure, the Mediterranean girl uses all possible means, developing initiatives to create the buzz. Accomplished sportswoman and committed citizen, she is able to line up for a triathlon as well as organize a day event for the benefit of women in situation of exclusion either to make aware pupils of  the necessity to save the oceans. Commited that offshore racing and protection of oceans are going together, she never stop promote her project 4myplanet. Created in 2009, her non profit society looks for preserve the oceans  through environmental concrete actions. Although she is still looking to balance her budget yet to take the start in November 2020, we can be sure she will do her best to succed…


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