45 years old

Gosport (Grande-Bretagne)

This Vendée Globe will be Alex Thomson’s fifth participation. Given his track record and the means implemented, he is bound to be among the favourites for the planetary crown. Always in the forefront, the British sailor has designed a totally revolutionary boat whose aesthetic lines contrast highly with anything seen before : a fully closed cockpit, a short deck plan, oversized curved foils, and many other innovations which haven’t all been revealed. The Vendée Globe has progressively become the Graal of this Briton. If he reached his objective, he would thus be the first foreigner to establish himself in this race  -  a preserve of French sailors as of yet.


In addition to his talents in navigation, Alex Thomson has conquered the heart of the public who discovered a wonderful showman able to feature himself in spectacular videos. He is also seen as a man who has learned not to armour himself by expressing the pleasure of participating in this round-the-world adventure in such good company. Over the editions, Alex Thomson has learned to channel the ardor of his early years and adjust his image of fearless sailor, preserving only the true substance of what makes the greatest navigators.  For this 2020 edition though, he knows he will have to face a fierce competition to meet his goal. It’s a good thing as the man always strives for arduous challenges.


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