27 November 2020 - 15:22 • 8868 views


Didac Costa, One Planet One Ocean 
“All is going well, with quite a lot to manage in the last few days and dealing with the squalls. It must be the most wind I have seen so far last night with around 28 knots, but now things are settled around 23 now. In Theta we had strong winds, but not maybe more than what we have had last night, but the sea was really rough.
I have had a series of small issues since the start, just fiddly jobs to sort out such as the deck pieces that had not been used since being set up in the Sables d’Olonne and then a few things with the coms etc, you just need to actually be racing and using them to know there are things that need to be tuned and sorted out.
It is much nicer to sail with people around me because last time I got as far as the Cape of Good Hope and was not once in contact with anyone. There are boats that are much faster and will take off, but there are some similar to mine and it is much more fun to race against them, it makes it all more interesting. It is obviously more stressful, because you are constantly checking the boat performance and then you are watching what the others are up to. It is a race, so more fun but also more stressful!
As to sailing without the daggerboards, I am quite surprised because we are holding our ground upwind. It was hard to tell up to the point of going thought the Doldrums because we were on a more open sail plan, but now it seems to be holding. You do obviously drift a bit more, but really I have not noticed it to be that different compared or notice a big loss from being on different boats. The important thing is that we have lightened up he boat a lot."
Didac Costa / One Planet One Ocean