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When the ocean connects to offshore racing

Created in 2021 on the initiative of Carole Saout-Grit, a physical oceanographer, Océans Connectés is an independent digital media entirely dedicated to marine sciences.

Océans Connectés
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The digital platform offers a wide range of marine science-related content, including news from the sea and on land, diaries and events, job and training opportunities, and popularised educational resources. This new medium brings together experts, scientists and journalists to work collectively and collaboratively.

The aim is to ensure that scientific knowledge of the oceans is shared and distributed free of charge to as many people as possible, in order to build a common and shared scientific culture of the oceans as a prerequisite for effective action to protect the oceans. Océans Connectés will follow the sailors around the world in the Vendée Globe and offer educational content linked to the race route.  

Since 2023, océans connectés has been recognised by the French Ministry of Culture as an Online Press Service for the promotion of scientific and technical culture. This emerging medium has also been approved as a project contributing to the UNESCO Decade of Ocean Sciences 2021-2030.

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