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Eric Bellion to continue with CommeUnSeulHomme

It was an emotional moment for Eric Bellion, who saw his monohull CommeUnSeulHomme  enter the Mer Agitée yard. An opportunity for him to pay homage to his boat, which took him around the world, and to announce that the adventure will continue with CommeUnSeulHomme. The programme will be announced shortly, but Eric intends to continue to publicise the value of being different. 

“Hi everyone. This is an incredible moment. They are just entering my boat into the shed behind me to get her back in shape. This is a special moment for me as I have been looking forward to this. The boat was brought home safe and sound and now it’s time to take care of her as she deserves that. She has done well. It’s also a special moment as it is the start of the next stage. CommeUnSeulHomme is continuing and you can count on me and the whole team to carry on with this incredible story. You’ll find out shortly what we are going to do with the boat. We’re going to continue to sail and promote the message about the value of difference. We need that positive approach more than ever today. So let’s go forward and experience some more adventures together.”


Video with Eric Bellion (in French)

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