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"Supported" by Alex Thomson since Friday - The British skipper changed his course to stay alongside the French sailor who is currently sailing his boat without a keel - Jean-Pierre Dick thanked his British shadow.

Team Virbac-Paprec 3 sent out the following information:

"Thank you Alex"

Yesterday Alex Thomson decided to change its course to stay close to Jean-Pierre Dick last night and this morning. Hugo Boss skipper proves once again that there is a great solidarity among competitors in the open sea. Both gentlemen skippers have exchanged emails, here is the story of their epistolary dialogue.

Email Alex sent on board Virbac-Paprec 3 yesterday:

(nb: This is a translation of a translation and not the original english version sent by Alex Thomson)

"Hello Jean-Pierre,

The sea is increasingly big today.

I'm not letting you navigate alone only when the wind will strengthen in a few hours. I'll come and join you gybe, navigate at your side until the weather conditions (wind and waves) become more moderate in the Azores.

I know you did not ask for assistance, but it will not make a big difference to my race and anyway, I have not see any other boats for a few months, I feel alone!

I hope everything goes well for you,

Alex "


Response to JP Alex Thomson

"Thank you Alex. It touches me deeply.

I will study the weather to see if I can continue to safely navigate to the Sables d'Olonne. I sent a photo with a message for you, "Alex, take this 3rd position with care" (take care of the third place). It is important to me!

Do not hesitate to call me.

JP "