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Jean-Pierre Dick is secured on a mooring in San Ciprian in the north of Spain. The harbour area supports an aluminium plant and has relatively little traffic. Through today he is having 20-25kts SW’ly winds but the winds will back into the W and NW tomorrow increasing at times. But in terms of the sea conditions he is in an enclosed, protected area.

JP was quite emotional when he spoke on Wednesday night having made his prudent decision to stop. He has 1400 miles in hand over Jean Le Cam but for sure JP is one of the skippers in this race presently who is wrestling with the all consuming deficit between his hopes and expectations and where he is now. But most of all he just wanted to be finished. Having been counting down the miles, keel or no keel, he had an end in sight, and so now to postpone that finish by two or three days is a big psychological blow.

JP Dick_Virbac Paprec 3_mouillage© ©ThornadoHe is very low on energy and food on board. As he came in to Cape Finisterre and along the coast it was a very intense period with little sleep as he had to remain extremely vigilant because of the amount of shipping traffic and fishing boats.

So, sleep will be very high on his priorities, along with making small repairs. He also planned to dive and check the boat and the mooring as best he can.

On today’s Vendée Globe LIVE JP confirmed that he had used his engine momentarily to help get Virbac-Paprec 3 on to the buoy. The rules do not allow the engine to be used whilst racing except in the case of danger. If the engine is used, the seals are broken, the skipper must report to the Jury who then make a decision based on the circumstances, mainly taking into account whether any gain has been made.

“The was some wind while I was manoeuvring but I could enter the port under sail. I used the engine for a quick moment to get close to the buoy and moor.

I’m not going to enjoy a quieter time before the wind in up again. This afternoon, I’ll dive and swim a little and check the mooring is fine and safe. If not, I’ll have to do something about it. I may add another mooring line.

JP Dick_Virbac Paprec 3_mouillage© ©ThornadoI have had to wake up every 30 minutes because there are so many fishing boats in this area of Spain. I’m exhausted because of the stress of sailing without a keel and, in general, 3 months of solo racing> I had 25-30-knot wind and 5-metre waves so that was tough.” Dick told Vendée Globe LIVE! Today.