PRB has hit a piece of wood

IMOCA 60' PRB - Skipper : Vincent RIOU - Vendée Globe 2016-17 - Port La Forêt 28/03/2016
© Benoît Stichelbaut / PRB

Back at the PRB team base today, the boat will be taken out of the water and the team will be able to carry out the repairs in the best conditions possible.

“The damage is only minor,” explained Vincent Riou. “It’s the sort of thing that happens at sea quite often, but my priority is to ensure my boat can express herself fully in The Transat. The prologue is an exhibition race and so it seemed more reasonable to us not to take part in it, so we have the time to carry out the required repairs and can line up with a reliable and solid boat. Not so long ago, we saw that such damage to the keel can quickly spread, if it is not repaired before the start. We’re setting off to race for two months, as afterwards, we’ll be competing in the New York - Vendée (Les Sables), so we want to make sure the job is done properly to ensure everything is right for the future.

PRB and Vincent Riou will be heading for Plymouth early next week to line up at the start of The Transat Bakerly on Monday 2nd May.

(Source: PRB)

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