14 November 2016 - 21:01 • 11807 views



I did not sleep too much last night. Step by step I am getting confidence in the pilots that we changed in Les Sables (the ones damaged after the lightening) and adjusting their configuration. I had forgotten the noise these boats make when they speed up surfing the waves. Even if my average speed is not very high (speed range of 11-13 knots) for the moment, I have already reached 19, 20 and 21 knots of speed.

I have the same sail configuration since yesterday: a reef in the mainsail and the A5 on the bow. I am not able to head up since I do not want to fall in the trap of Madeira’s wind shadow. It looks like will maintain this heading until the latitude of the Canary Islands, where it seems that the wind will head a bit. This morning I found some wet batteries, ones we did not see after the flood, but I think I will have enough with the spare ones.

I've heard of Tanguy's breakage. I hope he can repair the mast and be back to the race very soon. After the crowds of the last few weeks, being alone is quite a shock

Speak again soon!