06 December 2016 - 21:32 • 11896 views



Éric Bellion informed his shore team at 1720 UTC that his starboard rudder had been seriously damaged. He had been sailing in heavy seas with winds averaging thirty knots. The boat was knocked down in a gust in excess of fifty knots. Due to the violence of the crash, the rudder stock twisted. The rudder blade is still joined to the boat, but canot be used.

A spare rudder was stowed aboard the boat before the start and Eric will have to replace the damaged one to continue his race. He is heading for 47° (NE) under reduced sail to find calmer seas which he should reach late in the morning. That is when he intends to carry out repairs in finer conditions. The skipper is in good shape and has not identified any other damage. He is currently in 17th place and has not asked for assistance.