Virtual Regatta


After two little tacks of repositioning, Loïck Peyron finishes the race 8,886th, while 6.50 Class sailor Ian Lipinsky achieves a beautiful 3,381th rank. Close to finish, former dirt-bike champion Jean Michel Bayle comments his race for us: “ I’ve lost quite a lot of time while climbing back up the Atlantic Ocean. I had to reposition myself to start well again but still, in one day I fell down off 20,000 ranks. Then I have well anticipated the path up towards les Sables by noticing rather quickly the big detour we had to make. By sailing thru the North, I’ve won quite a bunch of ranks. This virtual race has been a good way for me to follow the real Vendée Globe sailors. I’m very impressed by what they’re doing. Kudos to Armel Le Cleac’h and Alex Thomson for this race around the world, it’s wonderful! Congratulations also to the virtual winners because they have really sailed well. What’s nice also on the game is that I received about 200 messages from sailors who are fans of motorbike, and had followed my career. I’ve been able to communicate with them and this also has been a good time. I think I’ll arrive into Les Sables d’Olonne this afternoon and hope to be within the 20,000 firsts.” Jean Michel Bayle is currently 19,034th and is 67 miles away from the finish line.


Meanwhile in the Azores…

While the sailors, off France, are struggling against headwinds, a bit further in the Atlantic Ocean, the virtual skippers who are still climbing northbound will benefit of a beautiful Low currently in formation off the USA. This system will generate strong winds, which will enable good speed towards France. In the middle of the week to come, another Low, which trajectory will be more South, will allow a big number of sailors to rush to Les Sables at high speed. A nice reward after 75 days at sea!

If you happen to pass by the VR news boat, do not hesitate to leave a message; this vessel is the link between the players and the editors. As we already have told, the huge success of the boat does not allow us to answer all your questions. As news go by, we’ll bring you some solutions, advises, answers, and all this kind of things…

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