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The art of waiting for the good conditions before rounding Cape Horn

Wind Cape Horn Sébastien Destremau
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© Great CircleSébastien Destremau should round Cape Horn tomorrow morning. There are at the moment more than 40 knots of wind blowing from North-West with gusts up to 60 knots (dark red zone). The skipper of Technofirst who has been sailing in bad conditions for the past 4 days has perfectly managed this situation. We see on the image that he is at border of the zone of very strong winds which should get lighter in the evening. The route will then be opened to round the mythical cape.

North-West winds are always treacherous in this region. The height of the mountain massifs on the South point of Chile channels and strengthens the wind. Thus the approach to the Cape Horn can be complicated and very windy. At the time of the old navy, boats coming from Europe had to face very bad conditions just after the passage of the Cape Horn with strong and adverse winds. They were often obliged to turn back and had to wait for better conditions.

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