Weather analysis

A different weather system for each skipper

Weather Analysis North Atlantic January 30th 2017
© Great Circle

© Great CircleEach of the twelve skippers still at sea has a different weather system. Louis Burton is sailing in a low pressure system which he should keep all the way to the Bay of Biscay. Nandor Fa is in the NE'ly trade winds. He is rounding the Azores high via the West and should avoid a big depression in two days from now.

Eric Bellion is in the trade winds while Conrad Colman has entered the Doldrums with rather unstable and irregular winds.

Arnaud Boissières, Fabrice Amedeo, Alan Roura and Rich Wilson are in the SE'ly trade winds which are light and unstable.

Pieter Heerema is rounding a high-pressure cell via the East. It is an ideal weather pattern which allows him to minimize the time spent upwind.

© Great CircleSébastien Destremau is in a westerly flow which is rather unstable because of the closeness of the islands near Cape Horn.

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