08 February 2017 - 07:43 • 5121 views



After crossing the Equator on Sunday evening, Rich Wilson (Great American IV) is now sailing in the trade winds in the Northern Hemisphere around halfway between the coast of South America and the Cape Verde Islands. This morning he is averaging around ten knots around 2890 miles from the finish. In his log last night, he told us about his current situation.

“Finally, the NE trades arrived. We worked our way far enough north to get into them. They have been more NNE than NE, and we’ve been sailing higher I think than the others before, relative to the wind, but only because we have less of it, around 15 knots. With 2 reefs and the staysail, we were at about 9.5 knots, so this morning went back to the solent, and got to about 10.5-11 knots. I know that the others before had 20-30 knots of wind, and maybe that’s how they were getting their high speeds. Of course that’s what I’ve never been quite able to figure out, how they are going so fast even when conditions are the same as ours. I’ve had nice communications with Conrad and Alan. Conrad is facing a weather oddity of a low coming to the west out of Spain which might push him to the coast and then to go north. Alan and I had a very personal exchange about emotions in these stressful situations. I really like my communications with Alan, although we differ greatly in age, we are facing the same challenges, and it is nice to communicate with him about them. He’s a great sailor, a great guy, and a friend.”