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Storm for Eric Bellion and Conrad Colman

Weather Analysis February 10th 2017 - North Atlantic
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© Great CircleThe depression which is arriving off Cape Finisterre and which is continuing on its unusual trajectory southward is stronger that expected. Eric Bellion and Conrad Colman are sailing in winds in excess of 40 knots and 6 to 8 meter high waves. The conditions should quickly improve for the former. The skipper from New Zealand has to maintain a good average speed  to pass in front of the zone of very strong winds (50 to 55 knots) with 9 to 10 metre high waves. The conditions should be more comfortable tonight, when he gets closer to the Portuguese coast.

The situation is rather complex for the 6 other skippers who are in the North Atlantic. They need to spend time analysing the weather models to try to determine what the fastest route up to the finish line will be. The Doldrums are not going to be kind to Pieter Heerema.  They are spreading out. For Sébastien Destremau, the trade winds are quite close. Another 24 hours upwind and conditions should © Great Circleimprove.

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