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Conrad Colman was waiting for first light this morning to make a full evaluation of his situation this morning after being cruelly dismasted last around 2200hrs UTC last night. The Kiwi skipper had to cut his mast and mainsail free in 35-40kts of wind and big seas. He was only 790 miles or so from the finish line of his first Vendée Globe and is  lying in tenth place. He has saved the boom of Foresight Natural Energy.

Eric Bellion in ninth place is racing upwind in a more moderate 20kts ENE'ly this morning and is routing more north towards the centre of the Bay of Biscay rather than short tacking in the big seas along the coast. At 0400hrs UTC this morning he had just over 450 miles to make to the finish line and was making ten to 10.5kts. He will be upwind to Les Sables d'Olonne.
Arnaud Boissières has N'ly winds of around 20-25kts on La Mie Caline in eleventh place and is 230 miles NWW of Madeira this morning with Fabrice Amedeo on Newrest-Matmut some 210 mile almost due south or downwind of him.
La Fabrique, Alan Roura, is very close to the centre of the Azores High, dicing with very light winds but is downwind in S'ly winds of around 10kts making 8.9kts of boat speed.
Rich Wilson on Great American is making 11kts this morning in the lifted, E'ly trade wind which is allowing him to make a course which is almost due North.
Didac Costa (OnePlanet-One Ocean) is 60 miles ahead of Romain Attanasio (La Famille Mary-Etamine du Lys) in the E'y trades.
No Way Back (Pieter Heerema) crossed the Equator at 2158hrs UTC last night, three days and 17 hours after Romain Attanasio but is very much in the grip of the Doldrums and was only making 1.7kts in very light winds.
Sébastien Destremau has E'ly winds and is sailing North at 8.9kts some 325 miles to the east of Rio.