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Louis Burton avec les enfants
© Olivier Blanchet / DPPI

Louis Burton avec les enfantsThe nice weather is helping, the little ship’s boys are many to walk on the Vendée Globe Village pontoons with their parents this Wednesday. Some of them speak their mind. This is the case of Christopher, 11 years old: “The Village is very nice, I like the Vendée Globe and the pontoon is really great. My favourite skipper is Vincent Riou.” Camille, 11 years old, tells us her preference is Samantha Davies “because she is the only girl”. Unfortunately she did not have the occasion to see her, the British sailor left early onboard Savéol.

Jules, 8 years old, seems a little bit influenced by his parents: “I’m very happy to be here. My favourite skipper is Marc Guillemot because he is my dad’s favourite and I like his boat.” Jimmy, 7 years old: “The Village is very well made, I love it! I can’t wait to see Arnaud Boissières leaving on his boat, he is my favourite”. Then Louis, 4 years, is not afraid of speaking despite his young age. Is there any boat you like more than the others? “Yes, the Vache qui rit one!”, he said laughing out loud.

Louis et les enfantsFinally, others are luckier and can get on the boats. It is the case of Florine, who had the chance to visit Bureau Vallée, Louis Burton’s boat, with her class. Even if she claims she enjoyed the tour, she entrusts: “it was small and there was not enough place to sleep”. One can said that truth comes out of the mouths of babes. Let’s hope that the Bureau Vallée skipper does not see thinks that way.

Grégoire Duhourcau (with Romain Delaume)

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