11 November 2020 - 09:01 • 15763 views



“It is jacuzzi mode this morning on PRB.” Quipped Kevin Escoffier this morning on a video released at 0845hrs this morning. On screen it is clear there is water sloshing around on the bottom of his boat.


"I noticed this earlier. Obviously this is easy to manage when there are 5 knots of wind, but not when there is 40 knots. I went to do my usual check when I found this out. Here I am mopping up. " The problem is a valve through which water empties from the foil well which given way. Escoffier, one of the most accomplished technicians in the fleet, is reassuring. It should be fine. Technically, I have to hold out for an hour before tacking and I should be able to fix it on starboard tack.

He says: "It is option jacuzzi this morning, I realised when I was doing my morning check up front, it is easy to see what the problem et voila i am mopping up i dont know how it happened i am sure i did not kick it.. in five knots it would be easy to fix but not in 40, but in an hour i will tack and do it on starboard tack."