26 November 2020 - 20:43 • 15981 views



"Finally, this afternoon  I put the indicator on and have officially turned LEFT towards the Cape of Good Hope!"

"This morning, I was on the bow preparing a sail change and suddenly I looked up, just as a magnificent giant Albatross soared across the bow from behind the forestay! That is the sign! I am I the South at last. Since then, I have had Albatrosses accompanying me all day, checking my boat and I out to see if we will be fun to follow! Finally Orville and Wilbur (my foils) get to meet REAL albatrosses!

The albatrosses have been a welcome distraction for my frustration to have “cut the corner” a little too close which meant the wind has been lighter today and I have had to play the waiting game and zigzag around the high pressure with a few gybes.

Now I have found the wind, we have accelerated and the sun is setting where it should do - behind me - as finally we are trucking East bound!"

Bonne nuit!

Sam / Initiatives-Cœur