10 January 2021 - 09:43 • 11035 views


Miranda Merron's message this morning
" I am so sorry for Isa Joschke/ MASCF who was sailing such a superb race and showing great tenacity. As she said, it's the harsh law of the Vendée Globe. 
A reminder yet again that nobody is immune from a technical failure that cannot be fixed at sea.
Here in the middle of nowhere 390 miles southwest of Point Nemo, there is a brief respite in between lows. The sea state created by the last low was quite impressive considering that it was relatively short-lived. There were times when being on top of a wave was like being on top of a hill, surveying the watery countryside around before sliding back down to the valley. The sea is considerably better organised than earlier, when on the other gybe, it was downwind sailing upwind straight in to the waves when the wind started to lift. 
The wind, now southwest, is not exactly doing as advertised and the temperature has plummeted.
I had the honour of being invited to join a conference organised by Rich Wilson, skipper of this boat in the last Vendée Globe, and the New York Yacht Club. Whatsapp at my end, zoom at their end. Amazing to be able to communicate like that from out here!"
Miranda Merron / Campagne de France