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Giancarlo Pedote (Prysmian Group), delighted to find good conditions again, was at the 10 o'clock radio session this morning. Marked by the withdrawal of Isabelle Joschke (MACSF) yesterday evening, he reminds us of the importance of staying vigilant until the finish in Les Sables d'Olonne. 

"The temperatures have gone up and I took off my t-shirt 5 minutes ago, it's a great moment! We've got 20 degrees on board and we're back to human temperatures, it's really something to celebrate.
I still have a little bit of a short swell but I am coming out of the depression to the north so it is getting lighter, higher temperatures and the wind is starting to ease. These are nice conditions. In the depression, we have had some upwind sailing, it was annoying because it was pretty rough, but the reaching tack that we did at the end went well.
Concerning Isabelle, I was in contact with her, I am so upset. It's hard to see her having to give up. She put so much energy into the race, with all the problems she had, she never gave up. I'm very sad because she has invested 100% in her project.
We have to be careful all the way to Les Sables d'Olonne. You can catch a fishing boat 10 miles from the finish and everything can end. What happened to Isabelle was bad luck because a mechanical part failed, so on the one hand you have to be lucky, and on the other hand, you must never give up because the slightest laps of attention can lead to a problem. I always say that you go from laughing to crying in one second. You must always remain calm with your feet firmly anchored to the boat.
I often speak with Boris (Herrmann) on the VHF and Jean (Le Cam) not yet but maybe soon as I am getting closer and closer. 
In the Deep South, it was a bit about survival. I wasn't thinking about the race, I was thinking about not breaking anything. In these conditions, you look a little bit at the rankings to have fun, but you only think about your boat, you gauge yourself and you decide how far you can push yourself and the machine. There is a real race ahead for us now with more manageable sea and winds, less violent low-pressure centres and all that will give us a chance to race more like we at the start of the Bay of Biscay.
Prysmian Group is almost at 100% of its potential, I have to let out one reef to have a full mainsail, so I'm going to go there. Otherwise, all my sails are operational, I can still put some coal in the locomotive!
Giancarlo Pedote / Prysmian Group